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Our Partners

Alloy Lyra Network : Leading MultiNational Company who are bringing revolution in Digital Revolution in India having a global base with offices in Algeria , Germany , Brazil , Chile , Spain , Mexico , Argentina , Colombia and Peru the company has successfully serviced their customer base in India for last ten years , they Connect & Collect and are most Trusted partner for all payment requisites . Always at the forefront to provide you with the best offer and to help you foster your local and international business successfully.We blend creativity, technology, data, and strategy to create unified brand experiences that deliver operational...
Alloy Logix Infosecurity Pvt. Ltd. are a leading SOC 2 & ISO 9001:2015 Compliant Technology Service Provider with a PAN India presence, providing solutions to over 1800 Enterprise Customers. Having been a pioneer in the cloud services for over a decade, we have our private cloud infrastructure hosted in Three Tier 3 IDC setups, one in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore each
Kinker Hospital , Kota Kinker Hospital are having 20 bedded ISO 9001 certified hospital at the heart of city with high end super specility services . we are having one of the best Gynecological and Obstetrics , Advance laparoscopy for Adominal (Gastrointestinal ) disease & Piles surgery and Infertility with I.V.F & I.C.S.I departments . we are having I.C.U. , N.I.C.U. facility too .In last 5years around 80%of our surgeries were done by laparoscopic. We have most modern full H.D laparoscopic unit in the region. The Hospital has a successful history of 16 years with thousands of satisfied patients from all over Rajasthan and near by state . Beautiful coordination of work can be sensed in the hospital to meet the emergency requirements of serious cases. We give special attention towards women and child health We are having Digital Colposcope to diagnose Cervical problem at very early stage and it is the only colposcope in the region till today
NGO Support in Menstrual Hygeine : Two NGO Supporting us for Underprivileged Girls in Rajasthan Chittorgarh , MP ( Guna)for Menstrual Hygeine . We have set target to Cover 1500 Underprivileged Girls covering 15 to 20 Schools in year 2019-20
Eye Care Hospital Eye Hospital and Lasik Laser Centre is an ultra-modern and well-equipped eye hospital with a special emphasis on advanced phacoemulsification surgery, pediatric cataract surgery and oculoplastic surgery , with a charitable wing for poor patients who can't afford these treatments on their own.
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